LHD for Mining

Cat® LHDs offers unique features not found in any other product in the underground coal market, particularly in the area of the cab and controls. These machines set the bar in the sub-10 market. LHDs are engineered to access low seam operations that have proven difficult to access with current equipment available.

  • Lift capacity of sub-10 tonnes / sub-11 tons at 600 mm / 23.6 in from fork face and 2.7 m3  / 3.5 yd3 bucket
  • RAS or QDS attachment lifting plate
  • Turbocharged, after-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with 4-speed transmission with manual or electronic push-button powershift with forward / reverse mode
  • Wet bath or dry type exhaust system with diesel particulate filtration
  • Optional OEM heavy-duty axles with SAHR fail safe brakes

NOTE: Models subject to regional availability. Please check with your local dealer for more information.


The CL210 is a multi-functional vehicle designed to maximize speed, power and carrying capacity in a compact envelope. The modern coal mine needs versatile equipment. With the RAS (Rapid Attachment System) fitted, the CL210 allows rapid changes from bucket to forks to jib crane to belt reeler. Used in conjunction with the SH150 Shield Trailer, the CL210 is a high-speed shield transport combination.

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Load Capacity 10 tonnes / 10.02
Machine Length 9 655 mm / 380.5 in
Machine Width 2 300 mm / 90.5 in
Machine Height 2 052 mm / 81 in


LHD Vehicles Product Brochure


The CL215 has the highest speed of any underground coal machine in the world. When coupled with the SH150, the two form a high-speed combination for quick and safe haulage of shields weighing up to 50 tonnes. The RAS system ensures versatility and maximum utilization of the unit.


Load Capacity 15 tonnes / 16.53
Machine Length 10 430 mm / 410.6 in
Machine Width 2 550 mm / 100.39 in
Machine Height 2 150 mm / 84.63 in


LHD Vehicles Product Brochure