Highwall Mining Systems for Mining

Highwall mining is an efficient, proven and durable method for mining coal from exposed horizontal seams — producing an average of 110 000 tonnes (120,000 tons) of coal per month in coal seams up to 300 m (1,000 ft) in seams dipping up to 8 degrees — recovering up to 70 percent of in-place coal. The entire mining cycle is completed by a three- to four-man crew, with no personnel going underground at any time.

The agile, self-propelled Cat® HW300 Highwall Miner operates on benches as narrow as 18 m (59 ft). It trams easily from entry to entry and discharges coal in tight spaces. It can be taken apart in modules for quick location and is designed for rapid disassembly and reassembly.

NOTE: Models subject to regional availability. Please check with your local dealer for more information.


The Cat® HW300 offers two electric cutter head modules: a low seam cutter for seams 28-64 inches (71 - 162 cm) in height and a mid seam cutter to mine seams heights up to 54 - 120 inches (1.37 - 3.05 m). The cutters are interchangeable and quickly attach to the powerhead assembly. The cutting cycle is fully automated yet allows the operator to manually adjust the machine functionusing an ampere reading as the coal seam varies. This proven technology allows the cutter module to accurately follow the coal seam and produce a clean product.

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Totall Installed Power 1525 kW / 2,045 hp
Machine Weight
(Without Cutter Module)
225 000 kg / 495,665 lb
Maximum Penetration Capability 305 m / 1,000 ft
Mine Mode Dimensions
(Without Cutter Module)
   Width 11.7 m / 38.5 ft
   Heigth 8.7 m / 28.7 ft
   Length 20.3 m / 66.5 ft


HW300 Highwall Miner Product Brochure