Now a part of Caterpillar Global Mining, the long history of Bucyrus mining machines are preserved in our heritage exhibits, free and open to the public. The two-floor museum on the grounds of the company's manufacturing complex in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA features multimedia exhibits on past and current products, vintage company memorabilia, and scale models of massive mining shovels, drills and draglines.

Visitors can experience larger-than-life excavation products by climbing into the driver's seat of an Electric Rope Shovel simulator or exploring Caterpillar's broad line of mining equipment through the unique interactive experience, "Touchpoint."



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Hours subject to change. Closed on holidays and select dates. Please call 414-768-4001 for an updated list of closures.


The Bucyrus Museum is located in the Heritage Building at Caterpillar's South Milwaukee campus:

    1970 10th Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172

7495 Electric Rope Shovel Simulator
7495 Electric Rope Shovel Simulator

The 7495 Electric Rope Shovel weighs 3 million pounds and can lift 240,000 pounds of raw material. Take a seat in the cab and operate one of the world's largest machines without having to travel to a mine site.

Shovel Dipper
Shovel Dipper

Stand at the mouth of a life-size replica of a shovel dipper for a great photo opportunity. Actual dippers are too large and too heavy to fit in a museum. A life size photo and 3-D modeling of the teeth will give you a true sense of just how massive the electric mining shovel is.

Scale Models
Scale Models

It is not easy to imagine the mammoth size of these machines. A Cat 8750 dragline can weigh up to 1,744 tons. Its boom can reach a height of 435 feet. Admire fully detailed scale models of Cat and historical Bucyrus mining equipment to better understand the engineering involved in creating these machines.

Vintage Photos
From the Archives

An immense historical collection of photos, artifacts and memorabilia tells a proud story of Bucyrus employees and machines. Experience the stories behind Big Muskie, the largest mining machine ever built or Bucyrus' role in the Panama Canal project.

In Memory Of
"In Memory of..."

View items donated to the Bucyrus Museum, which belonged to former employees. Honor the memory of past generations of dedicated Bucyrus employees. If you would like to donate an item related to Bucyrus to honor a past employee, please contact us by clicking here.


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