New Cat® MD6420B Rotary Drill Increases Productivity and Efficiency

With a bit load force of 42 000 kg (92,594 lb) and three different mast lengths to choose from, the new MD6420B can drill holes as large as 311 mm (12.3 inches) in diameter and as deep as 74.4 m (244 ft)—making it ideal for high-production drilling in hard- or soft-rock applications. The rotary drill features heavy-duty structures, rugged components, a comfortable cab, convenient service access and many other attributes that reduce cycle time, improve productivity and lower ownership costs.

As the next generation of the top-selling MD6420 Rotary Drill, the new MD6420B includes numerous features and systems that reward operators with increased productivity and efficiency. Highlights include:

  • New Cat® 345 Undercarriage with GLT is now available on MD6420B
  • MD6420B has three powertrain configurations to choose from
  • Well suited for both rotary and DTH drilling methods
  • Three mast height choices 10m, 13m, or 16m with multi-pass depth to 74.4 m (244 ft)
  • New hydraulically operated bit basket
  • Heating and air conditioning system is now roof-mounted for efficiency
  • Reduced vibration and sound levels are down to 77 dB(A) and less
  • Advanced drill controls system for easier operation and operator comfort
  • Industry favored diagnostics system with a touch screen monitor
  • Terrain for Drilling now available
  • Fewer hydraulic components and hoses with improved hard pipe routing
  • Cascading and self-leveling staircase improves entry and exit from the deck


MD6420B Rotary Drill Basic Specifications

Bit load Up to 42 000 kg (92,594 lb)
Hole diameter
Pull-down and hoist capacity
229 - 311 mm (9.0 - 12.3 in)
383 kN (86,000 lbf)
Single-pass hole depth 10 m mast
Multi-pass hole depth 10 m mast

Single-pass hole depth 13 m mast
Multi-pass hole depth 13 m mast

Single-pass hole depth 16 m mast
Multi-pass hole depth 16 m mast

10.29 m (35 ft)
63.4 m (208 ft)

13.4 m (44 ft)
74.4 m (244 ft)

16.46 m (54 ft)
65.2 m (214 ft)


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