MT Family Trucks Join Cat® Product Line

As part of the Bucyrus International acquisition in 2011, Caterpillar gained a line of electric drive trucks. Because these trucks used other equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines and drive systems, they were branded Unit Rig. Over the past 18 months, Caterpillar has made significant investments into the Unit Rig products. The result of efforts from the Unit Rig team and various other groups throughout Caterpillar to leverage existing Cat® components has delivered two fully integrated models.

The new "D" series of the MT family trucks have an exceptionally high level of Cat content, will be produced in the Decatur plant and will have practically all of the traditional Cat product support tools and materials in place at production. Based on feedback from dealers and customers who saw the new trucks in Tucson during MINExpo, it was recommended the models be branded Cat. In December of 2012, Caterpillar's Corporate Brand Council endorsed putting the Cat name and trade dress on the MT4400D AC and the MT5300D AC.

Currently the MT4400D AC is in pilot testing in Mexico and should launch in the June 2013 timeframe. The MT5300D AC has shipped the first pilot for testing and is expected to go into full production in early 2014.