Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd.

Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd. designs, manufactures, sells and supports mining equipment used in underground coal longwall mining and has become one of China's market leaders in roof support systems, which are the major component of the longwall mining system by size, weight and value.

Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd. offers a complete range of tailor-made roof supports under the Zhengzhou Siwei brand for operations ranging from 0.5 to 7.3 meters. In addition to the conventional roof support solutions, Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd. also offers longwall top coal caving and patented backfill roof supports. Depending on customer requirements, roof supports can be fitted with Zhengzhou Siwei electro hydraulic controls, manual control or Cat® PMC-R control.

Caterpillar (Zhengzhou) Ltd. is currently working toward production of a full longwall product offering in the near future to offer customers a complete range of coal mining machinery as part of the utility value proposition.

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